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Photos taken at the SoHo Apple Store of the Leighton Meester show.

Had a nice time seeing Leighton Meester perform a few songs live today. Her voice is so fantastic, I cannot wait to hear more.

Rainy Saturdays were made for lazy lounging about. Especially since it’s autumn.

The couch and TV are calling my name.

American Horror Story is back.

Mac & Cheese on The Local Vegan.

Anyone who knows me probably knows that pasta (and especially mac ‘n’ cheese) and I have an ongoing passionate love affair. And, for some reason, tomatoes and cheese always end up being a great combination—whether in a sandwich or a pasta dish. Either way, I’m beyond thrilled that this even manages to be a healthy vegan dish. Can I get a yum?

Credit to veganfoody for making the post about this recipe on Tumblr and therefore being the reason I saw it. 

Made a Sunday morning stop-off at the Fresh store near Union Square, and picked up these two cute lip products.

Good weather is shopping weather.


Last week I met the most handsome man;
or rather, stared at the
most handsome man,
until he stared

I, with the most handsome man;
or rather, fell in love with the
most handsome man,
hoping he’d fall in love

One day my lover will return…

Bringing this back for National Poetry Day.

Read the whole poem here.